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Dealing With Accounting Homework In A Matter Of Minutes

Numeral equations… numerical equations… mathematical word problems… this is the life of an accounting student, and after a few weeks of this one can find themselves drowning in homework. When you begin to feel overwhelmed with your accounting homework, you will begin to see your grades in other subjects suffer. In this case, your best strategy is to find a way to deal with your accounting homework in a matter of minutes. Consider the following:

  1. Create a Sanctuary for Success
  2. The first thing you need to do to get you back on the track with all of your assignments is to create a dedicated space where you can work in peace. Consider this a kind of sanctuary where you only do your work. Your sanctuary shouldn’t be the kitchen or dinner table, nor should it be some place where you are close to the television or some other kind of distraction.

  3. Get Rid of Those Distractions
  4. The internet, the radio, the television, and the cell phone can all be serious distractions that prevent you from completing your work in a matter of minutes. Distractions are time wasters and will work against your focus and concentration. Shut down all electronics and get rid of anything that will keep you from doing what you are supposed to be doing: your accounting homework.

  5. Read Each Problem Carefully
  6. One of the biggest mistakes students make when working on accounting homework assignments is trying to work through problems before they fully grasp what is being asked. Each section will have different instructions. Review these carefully and keep them in mind when you read each problem. Make sure you understand what you need to do.

  7. Do One Problem at a Time
  8. Don’t try to tackle an entire section of the assignment at once. Just focus on the problem directly in front of you. If it’s too difficult, review your class notes and sample problems in your text book. Don’t overwhelm yourself by jumping around the assignment; this often leads to wasted time.

  9. Develop a System for Rewards
  10. A great way to jump start your motivation and keep you in the right mindset to complete your accounting assignment is to develop a reward system, particularly one where you can take a break from your work after completing a specific task. After completing ten problems, for instance, you can take a short walk or spend a few minutes calling a friend.

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