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8 Tricks To Help You Handle Economics Homework

If you're having trouble completing your economics homework, make sure you keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Ask Questions in Class
  2. The first step in feeling confident about handling your economics work takes place in the classroom. Pay attention and ask questions in class. Getting an answer from a textbook is much trickier than simply asking an expert. Use your teacher!

  3. Make Sure You Understand the Assignment
  4. Look at what you’re expected to do outside of the classroom before you leave the classroom, and make sure you fully understand the instructions. Ambiguity can be frustrating when you sit down to start your work and realize you’re not sure what to do.

  5. Use Your Textbook
  6. Not all textbooks are created equal, but most lay out the types of problems you’ll encounter in homework assignments. Find the right chapter and give yourself a few moments to review any relevant material. Take a deep breath and try again.

  7. Look for Similar Problems Online
  8. So, you may not be able to find the answer to your exact homework problem online. That’s ok! Look at the type of problem For example, it may be a profit function problem. Look for step-by-step examples of solutions for other profit function problems and apply the same steps.

  9. Take a Break
  10. Economics isn’t, for the most part, rote memorization. There’s a lot of critical and abstract thinking. If you’re frustrated, it can be tough to think clearly. Walk away for a few moments. Get a a cup of tea/coffee, laugh at something, and try again.

  11. Check your Syllabus for Assigned Readings
  12. Don’t assume all homework problems will come directly from topics discussed in class. In a crammed college schedule, assigned reading is usually the first thing to go, but sometimes professors want to use assignments to test your knowledge of the textbook.

  13. Make a Friend in Class
  14. Struggling with economics? Use it as an excuse to make a friend. Ask someone who’s doing well in the class if you can take them out to coffee. Ask about their study habits and maybe ask to look at their notes to see what they may be doing differently.

  15. Use a Tutoring Service
  16. This can be an expensive option, but if you’re really stuck there are many tutoring services, some of them open 24 hours a day. Make sure they explain the problem to you instead of simply giving you the answer so that you don’t have to use them again!

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