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4 Life Hacks To Help You Deal With Philosophy Homework

What is the meaning of… philosophy homework? While such assignment can be among the most thought provoking subjects any student will encounter in school, they are also some of the most time consuming. Here are 4 easy life hacks that will save you time on philosophy homework and hopefully help you learn something along the way.

  1. Look it up
  2. There’s no surer way to miss the point than to not understand what someone is saying in the first place. Philosophy books are filled with large, confusing, and obscure words. Even if you have a good vocabulary, chances are you won’t be familiar with everything you come across in dense philosophical treatises.

    Thankfully, it’s never been easier to look something up. Forget about the dictionary, all you need is a smart phone or computer to search unfamiliar terms or phrases in a second. If you prefer not to break your concentration, then underline or make a note of unknown words and come back to them later.

  3. Seek out alternative perspectives
  4. Anyone who has read Nitchze knows that philosophers are not shy about critiquing their peers. Sometimes, there’s no better way to understand a confounding line of reasoning than to have someone else support or poke holes in it through more relatable language.

    There are many books that offer secondary analysis of primary philosophical texts as well as numerous online resources that offer more condensed versions. Be sure to still do the reading though! There’s no excuse for the real thing and relying on someone else’s opinions deprives the reader of one of the principle benefits of philosophy, deriving personal beliefs through critical thinking.

  5. Try listening
  6. The closest thing to an audiobook or podcast in Plato’s Republic was an epic poem. Thankfully for today’s aspiring philosopher kings, these new technologies have made it easier than ever to explore philosophy through different mediums.

    Watch lectures from leading professors for free on YouTube or download audio files of primary texts to listen to from anywhere. Just be sure to hit pause or rewind if you don’t understand something.

  7. Take a walk
  8. Many of the most famous philosophers in history espoused the benefits of fresh air and physical activity. Fortunately, you don’t have to hike a mountain or run a marathon. If you get stuck in a dense passage or can’t think of anything to write, simply take a break, but don’t forget to bring your thoughts with you.

Philosophical inquiries do not result in finite answers. In many cases, its necessary to revisit a topic again and again in your mind before gaining a sense of understanding. Give yourself the time and space to follow complex lines of reasoning to their logical conclusion, but don’t do it from behind a desk!

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